NRI/OCI Services

NRI and OCI Services

Non-resident Indians who have / intend to have investments in India

1. Monitor, record and periodically report on his investments
2. Facilitate repatriation of sale proceeds/income from investment and real estate
3. Complete banking and other regulatory formalities
4. Portfolio accounting and taxation (Tax Planning and Filing your IT returns in India
5. Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) account compliant to RBI Regulations
6. Obtain PAN Card from Income Tax Department
7. Obtain KYC Registration necessary for investment in capital market
8. Obtain RBI approval on your behalf to invest in Shares
9. Set up your Demat and Trading Account
10. Exercise, Liquidation, Re-investment or Repatriation of ESOP
11. Trading in F&O segment facilitated for NRI

Non-resident Indians who have / intend to have to Purchase /Sale in India

1. Property Search & Facilitate acquisition / sale / lease of property
2. Obtain title documents and verify updated statuses
3. Partition of Property
4. Secure your property share from co-owners.
5. Property Dispute
6. Succession certificate
7. Become legitimate successor of deceased
8. Evaluation of Property
9. Find your property’s actual worth professionally
10. Be fully complaint as an NRI before you buy and sell
11. Repatriation
12. Transferring sale funds out of India legally
13. Landlord Tenant Dispute
14. Developer claims
15. Litigation
16. Get assessment on your ongoing litigations

Non-resident Indians who inherit assets in India

Facilitate the clearance from Reserve Bank of India and other regulatory authorities for NRIs who inherit assets in the form of investments, property etc in India and may want to either liquidate and repatriate the sale proceeds or manage the same in the most tax efficient manner.

Non-resident Indians / Non-residents who have / intend to set up a business in India

1. Develop an entry strategy and a financial model
2. Incorporation of company in India
3. Arrange for complete set of regulatory approvals
4. Organise office infrastructure and manpower during the “in-transit period” of the start up or operate as a representative office

Returning NRI

1. Facilitate clearance required under FEMA from Reserve Bank of India to continue to hold assets outside India
2. Facilitate re-investment of sale proceeds of assets acquired outside India
3. Plan residential status under FEMA and Income tax
4. Plan tax liability in India
5. Investment and business consultancy in India

Emigrating Indian / NRI

1. Obtain clearance required under FEMA from Reserve Bank of India to continue to hold certain assets in India
2. Facilitate repatriation of sale proceeds and income of assets held in India
3. Plan his tax liability in India
4. Monitor, record and report on his investments in India

Our Expert

Sameer is a fellow member of ICAI and a qualified Company Secretary – An all India Rank Holder in CA Final (amongst the top 50 in the country).
Sakshi Agarwal is a fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and a qualified Lawyer.