Human Resource Consulting

Human Resource Consulring

It is the people who deliver the actual results and convert plans into action. SMA ensures that your organization is empowered with the right kind of workforce which is competent and committed enough to work in sync with organizational goals. Our experienced team of specialists, competent professionals, and the operational staff identifies ways to manage and support HR Managers. SMA provides comprehensive Employee Background Verification services to mitigate the risks of bad hire not which impacts business efficiency, and can even lead to theft of intellectual property, leakage of confidential information or misuse of resources. SMA provides comprehensive Employee Background Verification services as well as HR Management services.

• Recruitment
• HR Consulting
• Loan Staffing
• Employee Background Verification

One-stop-shop for all HR Functions

Whether you’re thinking of outsourcing your complete payroll process or just need an extra hand in business-critical times, we can offer you a full suite of services tailored to your needs. By combining our extensive experience and the latest technology, we provide a variety of payroll solutions on a local, regional or global scale. Our services include:

• Employer administration and payroll set up
• Basic employment contracts or local group employment contracts
• Payroll calculation and other payroll/PA related tasks
• Payroll templates (e.g. time and travel reporting)
• Statutory reporting
• Customized reporting
• Administration of compensation and benefits
• Relocation services
• Development of local harmonization of employee handbook and policies
• Pension and insurance set up and ongoing administration

Our Expert

Shikha is a graduate from Gargi College of Delhi University. She has also done diploma in French language from Alliance de Française.
Priya is graduate from Accurate Institute of Management and Technology in B.Tech and completed her MBA in Human Resources from Jaipur National University.