The aim of SMA is to gain momentum in the coming years with expert financial analysis and consultation including accounting and legal expertise, business intelligence, and information processing with 100% trust and security. The company believes in seamless integration with your goals and objectives and aspires to serve as an extension of your accounting department for your increased operational efficiency and ultimately increased profitability.

We are focused on investing in knowledge enrichment, enhancing and strengthening our global presence and maintaining our leadership with unwavering commitment.


Our vision is timeless; we work to add value to organizations all across the world with high integrity, quality and committed professional behavior.

We aspire to be the solution providers for our clients facilitating them in achieving the highest form of excellence with our benchmark services.

With a vision to expand across borders following a flexible approach, SMA team envisions to be your comprehensive Financial & Accounting partner reliable for timely and accurate corporate management solutions.


Think Global. Act Local→ With presence and clients all across the world, team SMA follows a global approach yet prefers to stay absolutely connected & answerable to our clients at ground level.

Action-oriented→ SMA focuses on bridging the gap between opportunities and action; nurturing associations to relationships by investing not just time and resources but our specialization and passion to client’s business.

Responsive & Reliable→ Being affiliated from EuraAudit International, we take our responsibility to respond to your business challenges passionately and sincerely.

Expertise → We render a vast spectrum of services with expertise handling issues dealing with all aspects of corporate life giving our clients multiple reasons to appreciate our expertise and rely on us.

Trust → We are unique in the fact that each one of our team members is INDEPENDENT owing to individual expertise; yet we are bound together with an unspoken promise of trust towards each other and our clients.


Tax Regulatory Services

Audit & Assurance

Asset Assurance Services

Risk Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Legal Services

Business Support Services

Human Resource Consulting


The global paradigm shift has resulted in an ever-increasing contribution of CAs and corporate finance experts. Progressive and profit-oriented businesses all across the world consider the role of committed accounting, financial and operational support groups as quintessential.

When it comes to services like advisory, accountancy, tax, corporate secretarial and business process outsourcing; experience or expertise alone is no good. Diligence and Commitment make all the difference! SMA is one such contributory group you can rely upon for comprehensive, customized and high-quality corporate support services owing to their experience, expertise and unquestioned dedication in managing accounts, finances, and operations.

– Beginning

SMA, as we are known in the fraternity, has consolidated itself as an organisation founded by insightful and out of the box thinking Chartered Accountants with proven and credible experience of working with top 4 accounting firms in the world.

SMA is also a proud and Independent member of a European Association EuraAudit International.

– Growth Journey

Network SMA is a comprehensive unit of more than 100 professionals led by the highly capable Core Team.

The network further comprises of more than 600 professionals with associate partners across 200 cities in India.

– Global Connect

EuraAudit International headquartered in Paris is an international accountancy group with a presence in more than 400 cities worldwide and workforce of around 4,700 employee and is ranked 14th in the world.

SMA stands out in the crowd of accounting and financial experts for its commitment level. You as customer are the highest priority for SMA team.

SMA LLP believes in and practices transparency and trust, within and outside.

Founded in 2012, SMA LLP has built unmatched goodwill as a team which is there to support business groups in their endeavor to manage accounts, reduce cost, boost revenues and devise strategic plans of growth. The team brings along freshness of approach with a flexible mindset. Experienced team members of SMA having worked with one or more Big Four Accounting Firms in the world, are reckoned for their trustworthy value-added services. Along with a variety of professional services to global business enterprises, managed and supervised by professionally qualified specialists, SMA offers you peace of mind with its commitment to simplify business and accounting operations. Multi-national companies all across the world have trusted SMA to provide with integrated, multi-channel and customized accounting and financial outsourcing solutions to optimize your back office system.