The Director of the Company may resign from his office, as per the provisions of section 168 of Companies Act, 2013 and the rules provided therein. The concerned director is required to send his resignation letter in writing to the Company and the Company is required to file the necessary forms with the Registrar post the receipt of resignation letter. The main steps are as follows:

a) Service of notice of resignation: The director should give a notice in writing to Company by email or registered post or hand delivery or any other mode. The proof of dispatch is required to be preserved.
b) Board to take note of resignation: The Board of directors is required to take note of the resignation received. The resignation can be noted vide circulation too. It is to be noted that the Board does not approve the resignation, it is effective from the date provided in the resignation letter or the date on which the notice is received by the Company.
c) Filing of DIR -12: The Company is thereafter required to file from DIR-12 with the Registrar of Companies within 30days of resignation along with the following documents:
• Notice of resignation (resignation letter)
• Proof of dispatch to the Company
• Board Resolution
d) Posting the information on website: The companies are also required to post the information, pertaining to the resignation of director on their website, if any.
e) Updation of statutory registers: Necessary entries shall be passed in the register of directors and key managerial personnel, taking record of the resignation of director;
f) Providing the information in the annual return and the director’s report: The resignation details shall also be disclosed in the ensuing director’s report and the annual return of the Company.
g) Filing of DIR-11: The resigning director might file from DIR-11 with the Registrar himself also, citing reasons for resignation along with the following documents:
• Notice of resignation (resignation letter)
• Proof of dispatch to the Company
The Foreign directors resigning from his office may authorise in writing a practising chartered accountant or cost accountant in practice or company secretary in practice or any other resident director of the company to sign Form DIR-11
Besides that the companies shall also ensure that the details of the director are updated in the bank account and the other registrations and licesies that the company has taken, so that the information is flowed to the correct person.

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